Contract Services

Drafting/Contract Templating

The Mesinschi Law Offices has experience writing agreements in a wide array of highly specialized fields.  We are often called upon by our clients to create their core contract templates with which to run their day-to-day operations.

A small sample of agreement types we have been called upon to create include:

  • Master Service Agreements

  • Equipment Purcahse Agreements

  • End User License Agreement (EULA)

  • Promoter / Event Licensing Agreements

  • Aircraft Purchase/Sale Agreements

  • Franchise Agreements

  • Automotive & Heavy Equipment Dealer Agreements

  • Investor/Joint-Venture Agreements

  • Recruitment/Talent Management Agreements

  • Real Estate Purchase, Sale, Rental, and Lease Agreements

  • ... and more.


Negotiation Support


Whether we negotiate on your behalf or we work with your teams to achieve the desired legal and business position.

Contracts: The lifeblood of business.

The Contract is the key building block of business.  Our experienced legal practice  advises or works on behalf of our clients to effectively create, negotiate, and enforce a vast array of agreement types: from complex procurement and licensing agreements to a simple purchase-and-sale, and everything in between.