Business Services

Legal support for Business


The right legal support can make the differences between success and failure in today's competitive business environment. Each year more businesses in Ontario, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire turn to the Mesinschi Law Offices to help build, develop, and protect their businesses, shouldn't you?


In-House Legal Support.

Our exclusive "Virtual In-House Counsel" (VIC) program is designed to bring the benefits of having an in-house legal department (cost containment, accessibility,  responsiveness to business needs, business-focused vs. case-by-case perspective) to small and medium businesses across the United States and Canada. We also work with large organizations to establish (or rebuild) in-house legal departments providing valuable insights into processes, best practices, and hiring/staffing models to maximize ROI and reduce outside counsel spend.

Business Formation.

We help you define the roadmap to your businesses' success.  Whether you need to organize your new business venture or simplify the structure of an existing business our team will work with you to select the right business structure to compliment your goals. 

Succession Planning.

Corporate succession is among the most significant, and under-addressed, long-term developmental issues that companies in the United States and Canada face. We work with our clients to develop comprehensive succession plans that are geared towards protecting the business as it transitions to the next generation.

Expansion & Resource Migration.

In today’s inter-connected world companies are finding that their customer base is increasingly on the other side of a national border (or several borders).  We work with our domestic and international corporate clients reach across national boundaries to best grow their businesses.  Whether it is cross-border expansions and subsidiary development, international relocations for managers and executives, or multinational franchise development the Mesinschi Law Offices is where businesses turn for cross-border help.