Individuals or businesses seeking to name the United States "home" need look no further than the Mesinschi Law Offices' immigration practice.  We assist familes, companies, and employees come to the USA permanently.


Among the services we provide for clients seeking immigration to the United States are:


Employment-Based Visas

  • Individuals of Extraordinary ability, in arts, science or business

  • Investors & Entrepreneurs

  • Professors, Researchers, Actors, Athletes and Models

  • Professional or Skilled workers

  • Transferring Executives or Managers


Family-Based Visas

  • Spouse of a US Citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Child of a US Citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Parent of a US Citizen

Whether for short visits, temporary employment, education, or as an interim step towards a more permanent immigration solution, the Mesinschi Law Offices represents clients seeking an array of American non-immigrant visas.


The Mesinschi Law Offices provides assistance for the following non-immigrant visas to the United States:


Individual achievement-based Visas

Persons with extraordinary abilities or achievements in the following fields may be eligible for non-immirant visas to the United States:

  • Arts

  • Athletics

  • Business

  • Education

  • Entertainers of note / members of recognized group

  • Fashion models

  • Motion Picture or TV production

  • Sciences

  • (aides to the above)


Employment-Based Visas

  • Foreign Press, Radio, Film or Media representatives

  • Intra-company transferees (managers/executives)

  • Intra-company transferees w/specialized knowledge

  • Registered Nurses working in shortage areas

  • Religious workers

  • Seasonal or agricultural workers

  • Short-term non-agricultural workers

  • Trainees, other than medical academic

  • Workers in Speciality Occupations (H-1B)


Treaty-Based Visas

  • Businesspersons in active Trade with the USA

  • Australians engaged in "speciality occupations"

  • Free Trade Agreement Workers:

    • Canada

    • Chile

    • Mexico

    • Singapore

  • Investors and qualified employees


Family-Based Visas

  • Fiance(e) of a US Citizen

We also offer the following additional immigration-related services:


  • Consulting / Policy Advisory for Political Actors/Groups

  • Inadmissibility Waiver Applications

  • Removal of Conditions on Permanent Residency

  • Surrender of Citizenship / Permanent Residency

For Permanent Residents and Citizens of the United States we also offer the following services:


  • Citizenship Applications

  • Advanced Return Authorization (for Perm. Residents travelling abroad for extended periods)


Immigration to the United States of America.


Seen by many as "the land of opportunity" the United States remains the single most sought-after immigration destination and the Mesinschi Law Offices is proud to have helped individuals and businesses alike begin their path towards the "American Dream".


The American immigration, system, however, is highly politicized, exceptionally complex, and riddled with legal, administrative, and bureaucratic gaps, inconsistencies, and impediments rendering successful navigation without the risk of long-term consequences all but impossible without experienced legal counsel. Our mission is to help you or your business achieve its immigration needs in the most cost and time effective manner with a view to long-term prosperity and stability.