We are often called upon to act as weither advocate, mediator, or arbitration for parties engaged in contentious disputes but who wish to save the cost, time, and energies required to litigate a matter through traditional legal channels.  Arbitration (and Mediation) can be very useful tools to achieve a fair and balanced result while saving the expense of litigation. 


We offer our Arbitration (and Mediation) services with respect to the following:


  • International Contracts (Sales of Goods and/or Services)

  • Automotive Franchise / Network Disputes

  • General Franchise Disputes

  • Employment (union & non-union)

  • Goods / Service Contracts

  • General Civil Liability/Torts

  • Personal Injury


Please note, at this time due to limited availability we are not accepting Arbitrations for Family Law Matters.  If you require assistance, please contact us and we will refer to you the appropriate affiliated law firm.



The Mesinschi Law Offices represents condominums, home owners' associations, strata associations, and individual owners in a variety of condominimum and restricted-community matters.


As fiduciaries, Board Members of these organizations are its funancial trustees entrusted and held to high standards of good faith, candor, and responsiiblity.  Through our support, education, and training, we help Board Members maintain budgets, collect outstanding fees, plan for future maintaenance/repairs, address various operational and property-related disputes and to maintain generally good relations with the community preventing needless, and costly, litigation.


We the following services to organizations in Ontario, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire:


  • Formation (Declaration drafting, filing, amendments)

  • Amendment & By-Law drafting and implementation

  • General legal respresentation

  • Operational consulting and "best practice" development

  • Litigation support

The Mesinschi Law Offices is often called upon to provide consulting services on business functional, strategic, and operational matters.   Our years of experience working with businesses in a wide array of fields and of differing sizes has prepared us to help your business grow and attain its goals.


Whether you need a simple Will or a single Trust or a complex Estate Plan incorporating wills and several trusts, our legal professionals can work with you to build the estate plan best suited to your needs and to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Consulting Services
Estate Planning

Other Services Offered.


In addition to our primary areas of practice (Automotive Law, Business Law, Contract Law, and Immigration Law), the Mesinschi Law Offices also provides legal representation and support to our clients and other law firms with respect to arbitration/mediation, condominium law, estate planning, and business development consulting services.  

Consulting Services
Automotive Industry Services

The Mesinschi Law Offices provides speciality consulting services geared towards OEMs, Dealerships, and industry insiders from experienced professionals.  We offer contract-based services such as:


  • Open point selection

  • network/dealer management strategies

  • network growth/reduction consulting

  • MSR and PMA management


  • Dealer Agreement consulting/compliance

  • Sales / Marketing / Consumer Protection consulting

  • Contract Management / Process Consulting

  • Turn-around, Buy/Sell, Expansion support