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Please note, as of February 2020, The Mesinschi Law Offices has closed our Canadian offices and is no longer accepting Canadian immigration matters.


For individuals seeking assistance with Canadian Immigration Matters, we recommend our colleagues at Caruso Law

Canadian Immigration.


Individuals or businesses seeking to name Canada "home" need look no further than the Mesinschi Law Offices' immigration practice.  We assist familes, companies, and employees come to Canada permanently.


We assist clients to secure Canadian Permanent Residency under the following categories:


Personal Immigration.

  • Immigrants with Canadian work experience.

  • Skilled Foreign Workers & Professionals.

  • Skilled Foreign Tradespersons.


Investment-based Immigration.

  • Investors.

  • Entrepreneurs.


Family-based Immigration.

  • Spouses.

  • Common-Law Partners.

  • Conjugal Partners.

  • Other Family Members.



Whether for short visits, temporary employment, education, or as an interim step towards a more permanent immigration solution, the Mesinschi Law Offices represents clients seeking an array of Canadian non-immigrant visas.


The Mesinschi Law Offices provides assistance for the following Canadian non-immigrant visas:


  • Business Visitor visas.

  • Employment-based visas.

  • Long-term visitor ("supervisa") for Grandparents/Parents.

  • Treaty / NAFTA aisas.


We also offer assistance with:

  • Inadmissibility waivers.


For Canadian Permanent Residents and Citizens we also offer the following services:


  • Citizenship Applications.

  • Proof of Citizenship documents (for Citizens).


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